From the LATimes: Licenses for illegal immigrants would make roads safer, LAPD chief says. (This story was also featured on NPR)

USA Today: "What life is like for 14-year-old killer tried as an adult"

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On "pop-up urbanism," “tactical urbanism, spontaneous interventions, and the other forms of unsanctioned public space activity that are extremely important in today’s discourse over how public space is used and allocated."

Facts About Rihanna And Other Abused Women. Yes yes yes: "But if you sincerely want to reduce the incidence of domestic violence in our society, I beg you to refrain from judging her. Strange as it may sound, judging women who return to their abusers only makes the problem worse."

So, I'm on Day 11 of this thing called the Whole30. I learned about it from friends at CrossFit, and it's basically a month long program to "reset" your body by eating whole foods - no sugar, no grains, no alcohol, no dairy. While it's definitely had its challenging moments, for the most part it's been a great experience. I'll wait till I've completed the month to do a write up, but I felt like at least mentioning it, since it's been a big part of my last two weeks!

"You don’t discover courage right away…You discover a tender, shaky vulnerability. It takes courage to be vulnerable. But when you live with a genuine heart, unarmored, you can trust the basic goodness of yourself and humanity." - Pema Chödrön

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Amy --- Just A Titch said...

Oooh, I want to try the Whole30 thing when I get back from Paris. It sounds awesome. I did something similar and felt amazing (and also lost 18 lbs in 21 days). Good luck!