By Laura A. Hughes, Executive Director of the Ruth Ellis Center: "Homeless LGBT Youth: Living on the Streets at the Dangerous Intersection of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Race, and Class"

From the NYRB, Why Finish Books?

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Love this, CrossFit has definitely helped me change my ideas about health and heal some of my body image issues: Embrace Them Thighs: "But seriously, being a woman is pretty cool in itself, but being a strong CrossFit woman is wicked cool. We get to prove to ourselves daily that nothing scares us. We walk into our CrossFit gym with a glowing confidence, all because we know that when we hear “3..2…1…GO” WE are the ones in control of that moment. WE are the only thing standing between us and that barbell. And WE have the capability of changing our own lives, right then and there. And that’s some pretty powerful sh*t."

Latinos make up potentially powerful, if dissatisfied, voting block in west: "Many Latinos who are eligible to become citizens, aren't taking the time to go through the process. And many who are citizens aren't bothering to vote. That dilutes what should be a powerful voting block, but activists are trying to get them to become more politically engaged."

A great article about "January mode" v. "February mode": "Geneen Roth would say that no food should be forbidden and I know what she means but I have not yet figured out how to sledgehammer my own nature into a more spiritually enlightened shape when it comes to moderation...Most of all, I’d like to be my best January self . . . without that ever-present nagging feeling that the REAL me, the February one, is barely being held at bay." (h/t to Amy at Just A Titch!)

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