Listening to: Sharon Van Etten, Live In Concert: SXSW 2012

A great article about ending your Whole30 (and generally about avoiding over dependence on a strict diet, and learning to listen to your body).

Image: Manny Quiles is a “former pro boxer from Connecticut, now an addict living in a homeless shelter. Manny’s career ended after several injuries left him with a right eye that is unable to focus. Unable to fight, with little other skills, he found himself homeless and turned to heroin.” from Portraits of Addiction in the Bronx.

Not a big fan of Amazon (support local bookstores!), but this is fascinating: Amazon's new HQ in Seattle.

This American Life tweeted today: "We are retracting the episode "Mr. Daisey & the Apple Factory." We devote this week's show to the retraction." Huh. That was a very powerful episode, I'm definitely interested to hear about the retraction.

Our local film festival is in it's 11th year - and I'm volunteering for the first time! So excited for the ashland independent film festival, it really is an incredible feat and just a wonderful week of films and community.

My CrossFit family, Rogue Valley CrossFit, was featured in the local news!


April in Autumn said...

Now I'm definitely going to listen to Miss Daisey since there's apparently controversy. Just moved to the top of my podcast list.

NK said...

So I was reading the press release about the retraction. I admittedly know very little about Apple, China, or Apple in China, but I think that the translator's retractions have to be taken with a grain of salt if she or any part of her family is still in China. It isn't surprising that she'd retract her translations after they became widespread - she may be at significant risk for having made them at all, whether accurate or not.