A powerful first person account: 'We Have No Choice': One Woman's Ordeal with Texas' New Sonogram Law: "The painful decision to terminate a pregnancy is now—thanks to Texas' harsh new law—just the beginning of the torment."

More on the absoluately devastating murder of Trayvon Martin. White People, You Will Never Look Suspicious Like Trayvon Martin and from Mother Jones, The Trayvon Martin Killing, Explained: "How did a kid armed with Skittles and an iced tea get gunned down by an overeager neighborhood watch captain? And why didn't police detain shooter George Zimmerman?" and What Everyone Should Know About Trayvon Martin (1995-2012).

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It's been hard to think about other things, less depressing things. But here are a few from the vaults, in case you need a breather: (1) Tiny Watercolor Paintings of Nostalgic Clothing; (2) StoryCorps 240: Women of a Certain Age; (3) beautiful: Bicycle Portraits: "Stan Engelbrecht & Nic Grobler are publishing the best 162 portraits and stories of the over 500 portraits of cyclists they’ve photographed during their 2 year journey around South Africa"; and, (4) adorable: Mini PiƱatas DIY.

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