Check out this trailer for an amazing (looking) documentary about Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison - a college program operating inside Sing Sing Maximum Security Correctional Facility. This is an issue close to my heart, and the type of program I believe in (my alma mater is home to the incredible Bard Prison Initiative).
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A great post by Amy, at Just A Titch, about finding faith in yourself (and being proud of what you've worked for - loved that moment at the Eiffel Tower, Amy!)

R.I.P. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., killed 44 years ago today. (This short TAL segment gets me every time. Kids, man.)

I really liked this post, and I'm not even into Mad Men (spoiler alert if you're not up on MM or Dowton Abbey): Betty Draper Francis Needs Your… Ice Cream? A Few Notes on the Evil TV Ex-Wife: "These stories don’t exist in a void. They actually mimic — and reinforce — the stories we tell ourselves about male accountability in the real world. Men have more of an assumed right to recover from and forget their mistakes; this is true for things like abuse and unintended pregnancy, obviously, but it’s also true for the basic, petty moral failings of day-to-day life. I suspect that for every Psycho Ex-Girlfriend story, there’s a woman who’s been screwed over. (And behind every bizarre, nonsensically villainous ex-wife on an upscale soap opera, there’s a shitty straight dude working out his feelings about his ex. But I digress!) And she gets called names if she seems angry about that; she may never even express that anger clearly, because she feels too guilty about having it in the first place."

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Amy --- Just A Titch said...

I'm so honored. Thanks for linking and for the encouragement! <3