An interview with one female bus driver in Cuidad Juarez (one of the most dangerous cities in the world, and also where all Mexican citizens trying to emigrate to the United States must go to interview, sometimes having to stay for as long as a few years).

image: beautiful wind map

I won't lie - seeing these photos of a thin, beautiful young woman I thought, "What could she have to tell me about learning to love your body, to be healthy?" I was, of course, lame and wrong. Check out this great post (and lots more on her blog) about body image, the quest for perfection and control, and finding balance, peace, and acceptance.

Finally listened to the Fresh Air interview with Rachel Maddow. Really wonderful on multiple fronts, and I, along with many other people, appreciate her willingness to acknowledger her own struggle with depression. "Depression for me is you can’t distract your way out of it, and I think people can understand the difference, if you’ve never been depressed, you can still understand the difference between sadness and depression. It’s like the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. And the opposite of happiness isn’t necessarily sadness, it’s disconnection."

A short film from the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, Solitary Confinement: Torture In Your Backyard. "Torture. It’s not just something that happened at Abu Ghraib or in secret prison sites tucked away in distant countries. It’s happening now. It’s happening in prisons on U.S. soil. Prolonged solitary confinement is torture in your backyard."

“For a long time now, the legalization of our community has hinged on wrapping the flag of American nationalism around us and showing mainstream America that we are just like them, and in some cases, much better than them. “Dreamers” have been long portrayed as the model-minority of the undesirable undocumented population, as the lowest hanging fruits. Only recently have we started to agitate, celebrate our differences, and proudly state that our communities are diverse, our parents are not criminals, that most of us are not Valedictorians and star athletes, that some of us have had run-ins with the law, and that some of us think of home as dispersed among many hearts rather than being a geographical location in the USA. After all, we should not need to look and act the same in order to enjoy the same rights.” - Living the Dream Without the DREAM Act

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