Interesting post about thinking beyond "smart growth." Smart growth is a start. But it's not enough. "I’ve now come to the conclusion that smart growth is critical to a sustainable future, but it can only get us part way there. The truth is that much of what can make people habitat great cannot be quantified or put into identifiable categories. The process of creating a better, more sustainable world – anchored by better, more sustainable places - is as much art as science.Our communities of the future must not only reduce carbon emissions, save land, and encourage use of transit, walking and bicycling. They must also contain beauty, warmth, places of solitude and reflection. They must be significantly more dense than sprawl, but also sometimes forego additional increments of density in order to maintain light, limit noise, provide privacy, and respect a human scale. They must be conducive to engaging the intellect and the spirit."

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Another new addition to the podcast line up (I need a lot now that I'm back to bike commuting and centuries - it's possibly the best part of riding. The only issue is having the self restraint to save up some good 'casts for the long rides....): Opinonated: The Feminist You Were Warned About.

So, I've been of two minds for a while about whether or not I wanted to train for another marathon (I did my first, and only, on May 1, 2011). I loved the experience of becoming a distance runner, and race day was one of the best days of my life. But it was a huge time commitment and definitely hard on my body. Anyways, when I saw that there was a Nike Women's Marathon in SF in October, I decided to enter the drawing and let fate decide. Well, apparently fate thinks I have another marathon in me! I found out today that I got in. I have lots to say about how I'll train differently this time around, my fears and hopes, etc so...stay tuned!


Valerie said...

Congrats on getting into the marathon! As i remember, it wasn't the marathon that did you in, but an arduous race you ran the weekend after. You've been keeping in shape, and should be able to train for an October marathon without harming yourself. And you can let up a little on getting all those miles in--the training itself is the marathon, race day is just the last 26 miles.

Best of luck!

Shorty said...

Thanks Valerie! Yeah, I think this time I will incorporate more non-running activities into my training in order to be less injury prone and more all around healthy....And I will definitely take it easier on my body post race!

Amy --- Just A Titch said...

Can I come spectate your marathon?! It'll be two-ish weeks before my half...so motivating! I'd really love to cheer you on or carb load before :) I'm SO excited for you!

Shorty said...

Amy, that would be so awesome! I'm super excited for your half marathon, it's gonna be such a great experience. I was actually just thinking about you because I'll be in Chico this weekend for a bike ride! Granted I have no idea how close Chico and SAC are, but, uh, I thought of you!