Recent addition to the podcast lineup: The /Filmcast. Sometimes I think I enjoy listening to people talk about movies and tv more than I even enjoy watching movies and tv. Is there a word for this? Is this a thing?

So proud of my CrossFit box, Rogue Valley CrossFit, which was voted favorite small/medium health club in the region. And of the owner, and my coach, Jake, who was voted best trainer! I can't think of a more deserving community - they work hard to create a supportive, encouraging, and challenging environment, it's really one of a kind.

It's time to stop putting mentally ill prisoners in solitary confinement! Why Are Prisoners Committing Suicide in Pennsylvania?

Image: source.

Dear 40 year old me (from the IL Safe Schools Alliance). Yep, tears for sure. Amazing youth.

Fashion It So does it again.

I enjoyed this short first-person essay about being an out, trans athlete.

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