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Listening to City and Colour "The Girl"

Law & Order & Food. I'm in.

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How misdemeanors can have major consequences.

20th anniversary of the Vows column in the NYTimes. I remember my dad clipping it and mailing it to me each week when I was a kid (I think due to his appreciation of the journalistic challenge of presenting a short story about two real people (and the entertainment of the status symbol-laden blurbs), and not a desire to instill an interest in marriage in me, but I could be wrong. Dad?).

Days in the life of Rich Froning. Not a great video (some of the laziest face blurring I've ever seen, for starters...), but it's always interesting to see how incredible athletes live and train.

A Look At How Congress Has Dealt With Immigration Over The Last 25 Years

Yeah, get on it. 10 Feminist Poets You Should Know

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