To avoid counting civilian deaths, Obama re-defined "militant" to mean "all military-age males in a strike zone" (Salon). Wow.

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From Sports Illustrated, The Transgender Athlete: "Playing fields have long been segregated on the basis of sex. But what happens to the athletes whose physiology doesn't match their gender identity? Against whom do they compete? What obstacles do they face? And how are they being treated by sports' governing bodies?" (h/t Fit & Feminist)

Pen & Ink: tattoos and the stories behind them

From The Atlantic, What a Walkable City Should Look Like.

Virtual Therapy Helps Residents Of A Violent City: "Residents of Ciudad Juárez, home of the highest murder rate in Mexico, now have some relief from the violence through a virtual reality therapy program similar to the one used to treat Iraq war soliders who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder." (Ciudad Juarez is where my clients have to go process if they are Mexicans married to US Citizens and looking to become legal residents in the U.S. It's incredibly dangerous and even going there for a few weeks or months is daunting for those processing and their families) (h/t Big Think) And more here about the terrible current state of the "drug war," and the out of control violence in Mexico.

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