Great read: Cold Turkey by Kurt Vonnegut (thanks, nk!)

Recently added to the "to read" list: A Life in Letters by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Night of the Gun by David Carr, Tenth of December: Stories by George Saunders, Emma by Howard Zinn, A Hard Rain Fell: SDS and Why It Failed by David Barber, Slavery and Public History: The Tough Stuff of American Memory by James Oliver Horton, Sing a Battle Song: The Revolutionary Poetry, Statements, and Communiqués of the Weather Underground, 1970-1974, and Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell.

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KEXP: Shovels And Rope

Listening to: Wait, why is Taylor Swift so good at what she does? "I Knew You Were Trouble." OK, sure: Mike Doughty covers "Take Me Home, Country Roads." Beautiful: Phosphorescent, "Song for Zula." Ugh, damn: Ryan Adams, "Do I Wait (Live on KCRW)." Incredible, hopeful: Josh Ritter "Joy to You Baby" (I can already tell "In It's Tracks" is gonna be one of my 2013 albums).

"That is what I have always understood to be the essence of anarchism: the conviction that the burden of proof has to be placed on authority, and that it should be dismantled if that burden cannot be met." - Noam Chomsky

"As I walked I looked at the dark basalt hills, and at the cactus and shrubs and trees; all of them were in harmony with one another, and I felt within that beauty. In an instant I saw that even man-made things—the roll of old fence wire, the old rail ties withered by sixty years of the heat and sun—were in the light of that beauty. In that beauty we all will sink slowly back into the lap of the earth." - Leslie Marmon Silko


Anne said...

Pretty excited about your to-read list. I think we're friends on goodreads - I've read the SDS ones for a paper, and I've written and spoken on Emma before, though I haven't read the Zinn. Nice choices - and thanks for steering me towards Cloud Atlas. That was well worth it.

Anne said...

More accurately, I have seen but not read Zinn's Emma. I guess I didn't need to clarify it, but I figured...

Shorty said...

Anne! Yes, I think I got the SDS book from your shelf! I love following what you're reading, thanks for all the great reccs. And I'm SO glad you enjoyed Cloud Atlas - one of my all time favs, for sure.