Recently finished 1222. The minor/side plot took a turn towards the completely ridicuous in the end, but overall I enjoyed the book. Now, in the midst of sickness, I turn to my ultimate comfort food: P.D. James, specifically The Lighthouse, an Adam Dalgliesh book. She's just so good.

I've been listening to BEST OF 2012 by Sasha Frere-Jones on Spotify. Clearly, however, I took a break and went back to 90's R&B for the weekly apartment cleaning. And then also some Montgomery Gentry, because, yeah.

Finally watched the documentary Page One: Inside the New York Times (available on Netflix streaming) last night. I enjoyed it, although I'm definitely biased since I was raised to think that reading the Times was the only way to spend Sunday morning.

Left: Wow. The Sound of Heaven: Isolated Vocals Tracks from The Ronette's "Baby I Love You."   image source

“Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid.” -Frederick Buechner

"Fiction is a kind of compassion-generating machine that saves us from sloth. Is life kind or cruel? Yes, Literature answers. Are people good or bad? You bet, says Literature. But unlike other systems of knowing, Literature declines to eradicate one truth in favor of another; rather, it teaches us to abide with the fact that, in their own way, all things are true, and helps us, in the face of this terrifying knowledge, continually push ourselves in the direction of Open the Hell Up." - George Saunders

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