I just started reading "The Sisters Brothers." It had appeared on so many lists from reliable book-recommending sources, but just didn't appeal to me (Westerns aren't really my thing). However, I borrowed a friends copy and was immediately engrossed. The chapters are super short (one or two pages) so I kept thinking, "OK, just one more...." It's always nice to be excited about a book.

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There might be hope for me yet! After moving to Boston about four months ago and throwing myself into a new (and very difficult) job and sort-of-newish city and life, my once super active and healthy lifestyle took a hit. No more 2-hour lunch time workouts or beautiful bike commutes to work. No more leisurely Sundays cooking lunches for the week (or afternoons to spend blogging). It's been a huge a change. Anyways, I'm fighting back against the winter doldrums and the new routine, and this weekend was, I hope, a turning point - after not running more than 4 miles at a time in over 4 months, I pushed out 9! That's almost double digits, folks. It was painful and I wouldn't have made it without my two running buddies, but it got done. It was part of our training for the Hyannis Half Marathon (at the end of February - brrrr), and now I've decided to start loading up the race calendar a bit so I don't lose momentum. I signed up for a trail half in April, and the BAA half in October. The healthy me is still in there somewhere...

I'll admit that I totally choked up at this lovely article - go Jesse!: The Jesse Mermell Story : Small Town Girl Makes Good In Brookline.

Even though this article was about one woman's divorce, an experience I've never had, I still found her thoughts on coping with loneliness really beautiful, practical, and helpful: How To Cope With Loneliness: A New Version of My Lonesome Self

"All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why." - James Thurber

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Amanda @ Hungry Vegan Traveler said...

I had no idea you moved to Boston! I hope you're having fun exploring your new city, even though it sounds pretty cold right now. Do you read Whatever, Gatsby? She's a Boston-area blogger who writes quite a bit about the area.