The full script for Moonrise Kingdom is online, incorporating lovely stills and behind-the-scenes photos.

"None of us is ever OK, but we all get through everything just fine." - Pema Chödrön

Listening to: Wilco "I Must Be High" (live)

Relatable: Depression and Money, Some Real Talk.

Image: The Möbius structure of relationships, one of David Byrne’s hand-drawn pencil diagrams of the human condition.

Truth. From WNYC: Job Seekers With Criminal Record Face Higher Hurdles.

Reading, on the recommendation of Slate Culture Gabfest, at NYMag: The Self in Self-Help: "Try something. Better still, try everything—throw all the options at the occluding wall of the self and see what sticks. Meditation, marathon training, fasting, freewriting, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, speed dating, volunteering, moving to Auckland, redecorating the living room: As long as you steer clear of self-harm and felony, you might as well do anything you can to your inner and outer ecosystems that might induce a beneficial mutation."

"A woman’s beauty is supposed to be her grand project and constant insecurity. We’re meant to shellac our lips with five different glosses, but always think we’re fat. Beauty is Zeno’s paradox. We should endlessly strive for it, but it’s not socially acceptable to admit we’re there. We can’t perceive it in ourselves. It belongs to the guy screaming “nice tits”. . . Women's looks are supposed to be our salvations . . . But looks are an escape hatch to other places where they're no longer as important. Beauty is powerful because it is pleasing. Real power means not having to please." - from "The World Of A Professional Naked Girl"

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