From the NYRB, Wes Anderson’s Worlds by Michael Chabon

Difficult article to read, difficult topic(s) to discuss, but worth considering. The Science of Sex Abuse: Is it right to imprison people for heinous crimes they have not yet committed?

This looks like a powerful documentary about the incredibly violent homophobia rampant in Jamaica. I'm working on an asylum claim for a young gay Jamaican man right now, and I've been shocked by the news and human rights reports. Please support the film-makers efforts if possible.

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Delia*s! Is there any thing more 90's?? I can still remember the dog-eared and highlighted pages of the catalogues - and placing orders over the phone or, gasp, by mail!

Recently added to the "to read" list: All This Talk of Love by Christopher Castellani. I went to a reading from this book (the author is a friend of a friend) and it was just wonderful. I left thinking about the story, and wondering what was going to happen with all the characters. Looking forward to reading it.

I just finished reading If I Never See You Again by Niamh O'Connor, an Irish mystery author. While it was not the most skillfully written book, by the end I was surprised to see that I was actually pretty curious to find out "whodunnit" and also even a bit emotionally involved in the private life of the protagonist. I have the sequel on loan from a friend, and I look forward to hopefully reading it over this upcoming snowy weekend.

From a sermon given by the Rev. Pam Shepherd at my "home church" in Ashland last week: "Fear not. Fear not. I want this sermon to give you courage to live the life God calls you to. It’s because I have come to love you so much, I don’t want you to miss it. You see, I know, from my own life, that when we listen for God’s still, small voice, and at least try to follow God’s strange call, we are given a life so much larger and more alive than the life we would choose on our own.

Fear Not. Keep listening. And ask for God’s help. Not for God to further your plans, but that you might enter God’s plans. And then trust you will be given the life God calls you to. Here’s the simplest way I know to live God’s hope for you. Just ask for it. Just say your prayers, and then get dressed and show up for your life, just as it is now. And assume that whatever happens next is God’s good will for you."


Valerie said...

I love the quote from Reverend Shepherd's sermon. It made my day.

Shorty said...

I'm so glad you liked it. I sure do miss my home church, but it's great to be able to read the sermons every week. xo