Watch/listen. Get sad, get angry, get active: The Truth About Angry Feminists: "We're not angry because we're feminists. We're feminists because we are sick and tired and so very frustrated that we have to repeatedly defend our desire for equal rights. Listen to this speech by Jessica Valenti and just try not to get a little bit angry too. At 1:56 find out the annoying question every feminist gets asked, at 7:00 things get emotional in a good way, and at 7:44 you don't want to miss it when she basically "drops the mic" and answers that annoying question with an even better one."

Are you involved in non-profit fundraising? Check out my awesome friend Nikki's new blog, Collaboraisers.

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Making War at Fort Hood: Life and Uncertainty in a Military Community by Kenneth T MacLeish: "Making War at Fort Hood offers an illuminating look at war through the daily lives of the people whose job it is to produce it. Kenneth MacLeish conducted a year of intensive fieldwork among soldiers and their families at and around the US Army's Fort Hood in central Texas. He shows how war's reach extends far beyond the battlefield into military communities where violence is as routine, boring, and normal as it is shocking and traumatic. "Making War at Fort Hood" is the first ethnography to examine the everyday lives of the soldiers, families, and communities who personally bear the burden of America's most recent wars."

Reading: the article The Perverse Logic of Immigration Detention: Unraveling the Rationality of Imprisoning Immigrants Based on Markers of Race and Class Otherness by César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández

Thank goodness I'm getting back into CrossFit just in time to be sucked in by all the awesome Open/Games videos...

Why Are Conservatives Trying to Destroy the Voting Rights Act?

A Reader's War, by Teju Cole: "Assassinations should never have happened in our name. But now we see that they endanger us physically, endanger our democracy, and endanger our Constitution. I believe that when President Obama personally selects the next name to add to his “kill list,” he does it in the belief that he is protecting the country. I trust that he makes the selections with great seriousness, bringing his rich sense of history, literature, and the lives of others to bear on his decisions. And yet we have been drawn into a war without end, and into cruelties that persist in the psychic atmosphere like ritual pollution."

I don't love all the Notes from the Universe emails, but sometimes they hit home: "For every unexpected bump, turn, or squiggle on the path of life . . . you pretty much have two choices: Accept it as if you yourself had meticulously planned it and as if you're being watched by 10,000 cheering angels who love you so much, you're pretty much all they ever sing about. Or, accept it, kicking and screaming, as if it were some freak accident or random mistake that had befallen you by chance. I know which I would choose."

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