A few people have asked me what resources I'm using to work towards my running and triathlon goals, so I thought I would share here:

First, a video most of you have already seen but that really inspired me, called "My 120 pound journey" about a guy who went from no excercize to accomplishing some amazing things - I cry every time I watch it! Despite the name, it's about so much more than weight loss, it's about self-respect, depression, achieving your goals, etc.

Left: I wish this was me but it definitely isn't. Pretty inspiring though, right? I love looking at strong, healthy, happy looking female triathletes for inspiration.

A great book I'd recommend to any beginner runners who want to set long distance goals is The Non-Runners Marathon Trainer. The best book I've found for creating a training plan for a triathlon is this one.

For Oregonians like myself, this site is the best for finding out about runs all over the state.

I also follow a variety of blogs on triathlons and running, including Hillary Biscay, Diary of An Amateur Triathlete, Run Court Run, Every Man Tri. Also, it's free to register on Nike.com and you can get access to great training programs and blogs.

Finally, here's a post I wrote about running a while back, if anyone's interested.

Good luck to all of you with big training goals for 2011!


V. Furnas said...

Oh my God, I have never seen that Youtube...sat here crying. Think I might go for a run. Pretty sure I am on the before side of the video..but it takes getting out there and changing. Thanks.

Laura said...

Wow, crying like a baby at Ben's video! I am saving this - and bookmarking your blog! - for when my own marathon training gets tough.

'If you want to do it, all you have to do is do it'. Genius!