Oh! "The world is full of fake sounds: The ATM machine doesn't actually go, 'whhrrrrrrrrr.'"

I love little pieces of art in the everyday like this (especially when they involve mail): Netflix envelope art.

I listened to a few great (by which I mean they made me teary) Story Corps segments on my flight back home, including #179 and #180. And they are all free!

Image: source.

An oddly touching photo project "placing an old photograph in front of the same setting years later, and aligning it so it fits in with the background."

Mmm, chocolate quinoa cake? I'll have to give this a try.

My wonderful (and wonderfully creative) girlfriend put this song on a mix for me recently, and I'm fully obsessed. It might even be the #1 song of my summer. I dare you to resist! Brett Dennen, "Sydney (I'll Come Running)"

Gorgeous tattoos.

"The way to know life is to love many things.” - Vincent van Gogh

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